Things to do!

At Mizucon we pride ourselves on offering multiple channels of content for our attendees all weekend long. Here are some of the official events and activities that make Mizucon Miami's best place to be on Memorial Day weekend..




Showcase your idol talents and step on the big stage! Perform to your heart’s content at Mizucon’s very first idolfest! Make big waves and meet new fans and sign up today!!! 

Sign up here!! 


Panels allow everyone to be involved and share their story and skills! From how to make your makeup pop to 'anime characters described as sad cats' Mizucon has a little bit of everything to fill out our guide! Interested in joining? 



With THREE days of fun it only makes sense that we include YOU within the show as well! Check out our many costumes and events !

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Cosplay & Talent Contests

Mizustars Idol Competition


Premium Events are our top of the line programming highlights that include experiences like no other! Some include food and drinks included, others might have you going home with a new piece of pottery, and more! Keep an eye out for updates ! 


Our Famous Weeb Warfare room alongside our Video Game and Tabletop rooms have everything a gamer could need! Enjoy free-to-play games alongside awesome tournaments where you can go head to head with some of the best in the state!! 


Join the Mermaids @ Mizu as they swim around in the hotel pool after we caught them and chucked them in there for YOUR personal entertainment! See the event schedule for more information and photo times!!!


Don't get too close...or do! Our famous fire dancers perform Saturday evening by the pool to showcase their awesome skills while tangoing with certain danger! Let's hope those mermaids find a place to huddle out before they become fish fry! Actually....that sounds pretty yummy... 


Join in the fun and become a part of the true Mizucon experience! For over a decade ribbon hunting has been the name of the game! Create custom ribbons and join in the scavenger hunt!!  Order your ribbons right below!

Badge Ribbons