Join Artist Alley!

Join us and bring in something great!

By bringing your art to Mizucon's artist alley you'll be bringing life and art to an event like no other! Show off your stuff, make new friends and connections, and share with the world your creations!

All Artist Tables are $175.00 each + tax. The Purchase of an Artist table includes...
✧ One 6' x 30" table 

✧ 2 chairs 

✧ 2 Artist passes. 

Please do not  infringe upon any other table / workspace either behind or beside you without their explicit permission. This also includes helpers and friends! 

✧ Mizucon is a juried event to ensure that our exhibition hall is not over saturated with an overabundance of media, and to allow a diversity throughout the exhibit hall. We do this to ensure everyone stands out! Please be sure to provide a portfolio of your goods that clearly and accurately depicts what will be featured at your table. Failure to provide a portfolio will result in an automatic disqualification of your application.
✧ All approved applicants will be notified by email to the address provided on the application. Please do not message us asking when your application will be approved! We are a small team with real jobs outside of Mizucon, and we will get back to everyone in a timely manner. 

✧ Once you've been approved, you will have one week from the date of the sent email to purchase your space. Failure to do so may result in your space being offered to the next applicant on the waiting list. 

✧ Any booths available afterwards will be given out on a case-to-case basis. 

Apps have been closed! See you next trip!

Booth sharing is allowed under the following conditions:

1. The wares of all parties exhibiting at a particular space must be reflected in the application for that space. The original exhibitor may fill out subsequent applications for extra parties, please make the situation clear.
2. An exhibitor whose application was rejected (as opposed to being waitlisted) may not sell at the show by partnering with an accepted exhibitor.
3. Each application must contain only one set of contact information. The applicant may request this to be changed by contacting Mizucon.

Due to the mixed audience that will be attending the convention, any material that can be considered "adult/18+" must be properly covered or concealed, and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that those who purchase such material are of legal age by checking for proper identification.
At Mizucon we do not encourage the selling of bootleg, knock off, AI generated, illegal, or fraudulent items. If you caught selling said items at the show, you will be forced to leave the event and your table is forfeit.

Food and drink may only be sold from your booth with specific written permission from Mizucon.

Cancellation policy: Your space is nonrefundable as long as the convention occurs as scheduled. However, should you desire to vacate your space after purchase and at least one week before con date, you may request the con to offer your space to the next person on our wait list. Upon the successful resale of your space, Mizucon will refund your purchase. Purchase of an exhibitor table confirms that you understand all the rules and guidelines provided on our website and conveyed in the application process. This includes the cancellation policies above.

You will submit your payment for your booth by following a link that will be provided in our response e-mail after your application has been accepted.

Questions may be directed to

Thank you again for choosing to exhibit your wares at Mizucon!