Badge Ribbons

You can order badge ribbons here for pickup at the con.


Here's the FAQ:

What are those ribbons on everyone’s badges?

Great question! Those ribbons on everyone’s badges are called… well, badge ribbons. Exciting! Think of them as the real-life equivalent of video game achievements - full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. For anyone who considers themselves too old for video games, think of them as a stamp collection but more portable and less cool.

I see a really cool badge ribbon! How do I get one for my own badge?

Depending on the badge, it may range anywhere from finding the right person and requesting a badge to performing a specific action or finding out who has the ribbons and telling them the correct password. The best way to find out how to get a badge is to ask a person that already has it and go from there.

Is there etiquette involved in the obtainment of badge ribbons?

Nope! It’s complete and total anarchy - a real Mad Max-esque free-for-all in which one con guest will walk away with 50lbs of badge ribbons that will feel light in comparison to the indelible weight that witnessing/committing unspeakable horrors has etched into their soul. Or, you know, the following:

  • If someone is freely handing out ribbons, it is perfectly okay to request a ribbon. Keep in mind, however, that ribbon distributors have the ability to decline your request. A hint: there is not a single ribbon at Mizucon that can be earned by pitching a hissy fit.

  • Do not approach every person you see and ask if they have ribbons. This is a waste of both your time and the time of whatever poor soul has to listen to the same insipid question twice a minute for their entire shift. If someone’s gaze has achieved a thousand-yard stare usually reserved for Jean Claude Van Damme films and anyone listening to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” for the first time just move on.

  • Ribbons can be traded or bargained for, but don’t go overboard. This is a fun little convention activity, not The Wire. If badge ribbon scalpers somehow happen we will all know why we can’t have nice things.

Are badge ribbons free?

Generally speaking, yes. Badge ribbons distributed by convention staff will always be obtainable for free to those who meet the criteria. Please do not try to bribe the staff of Mizucon - there is no amount of money that can convince our staff that a sweat-stained Full House t-shirt and cargo pants is suddenly a qualifying ensemble for the “Dress Like Darth Vader” badge. Note: the “Dress Like Darth Vader” is a theoretical badge created solely for this example and probably won’t exist.

Can I create and distribute my own ribbons?

Is the fact that the above-mentioned “Dress Like Darth Vader” badge will (probably) not be making an appearance at Mizucon causing you distress? Fear not - using the surging power of the Internet you too can craft, print, and distribute your own ribbons!  There are many commercial printers who can print ribbons for you. Just keep in mind that our badges are 2 1/8" inches wide. One caveat: do not make ribbons that are inappropriate in nature or that feature the Anime Iwai logo. This is primarily a matter of common sense, so if you have any doubts as to whether or not your ribbon design is appropriate either contact Anime Iwai for approval or err on the side of caution. A good rule of thumb is this - if the Wayans brothers ever talked about it, don’t make a ribbon about it.

Is there a prize for collecting the most ribbons?

What, collecting a ton of cool ribbons isn’t good enough for you?


How do I buy ribbons to give out at Mizucon?

Easy! You follow two links on this page, one to make the purchase and one to open an online-form where you can choose your text, colors, and layout.  After ordering your ribbons, they can be picked up at the on-site info/customer service booth at the convention.

****Please note that when ordering, single lined ribbons can fit a maximum of 20 characters including spaces. If your wording is over 20 characters then you must upgrade for a 2nd line.