Mizucon 2022 Events:

3rd Annual Mizustars Idol Competition

Fire dance show at the lagoon

Mizu Cocktail Studio- guided painting session with open bar

Cloud Lounge- Mizu's hookah spot

Karaoke after dark

Three cosplay competitions- one per day!

Mermaid events poolside

Music events including Beats per Mizu Rave and a formal prom

Industry panels

18+ and 21+ events


Fan Panels:

would you like to share your passion for a subject with your fellow attendees and other community members by hosting your own panel? Mizucon has open panel slots available- see below:

Hosting a Panel

Thank you for your interest in running a panel at Mizucon! We have the smartest community and love hearing what you have to talk about!

If you wish for your panel to be considered for our event, please fill out our Online Application Form; we will contact you to confirm that we have received your application to be reviewed.


Deadline to submit a Panel Application is April 1, 11:59 PM. Any applications submitted after this date may not be considered for review. Panelists whose submissions have been approved should receive an e-mail by April 3rd.

All Mizucon panelists must be a registered attendee and at least 16 years of age (by the date of the event) in order to run a panel. Please start your panel on time and end at least 5 minutes before the next panel is set to begin so that you have enough time to gather your materials and allow for the next panelist to prepare. Panelists are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and adhere to all convention rules. Mizucon reserves the right to approve, deny, or cancel any panels submitted.
An online schedule will be posted as we get closer to the event.
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail