Special Guests

Media Guests


 Let's welcome Kieran Regan as our first guest for 2024!

From Kanas to California, Kieran Regan is an LGBTQ+ voice actor best known for their stellar work in hit RPG Genshin Impact as Inazuma's famed detective Heizou, Twenty Fifth Bam and Jue Viole in Tower of God: New World, Rio in Spirit Chronicles and many more! 

Having come to love theatre in their Junior year at the University of Kansas, Kieran quickly fell in love with the trade and simply never looked back! When not doing voice over, Kieran can be found playing D&D, playing rugby for the LA Rebellion, and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights!


Please welcome our next guest Sarah Anne Williams !

From Indiana, Sarah is an acclaimed voice actress now based in Los Angeles, California who's voice can be heard throughout your childhood and present work! Best known for their performances as Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill, Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neferpitou in Hunter x Hunter, and so much more, she is a pillar of the community, and is excited to meet every single one of you! 


Cosplay Guests

Hanari is an incredibly talented cosplayer who has been competing since 2013! Featured by Buzzfeed, Bandai/Namco, and contracted to be the INSPIRATIONAL MODEL for Blizzard’s Overwatch Junkerqueen, they definitely have been around! Come say hi!

CosplayKenny is an acclaimed craftsman and panelist known all across South Florida! Having won numerous awards from masquerade, runway, craftsman contests and more, we are super siked to have him as a part of our illustrious line up!!!

Cosplay_Caro is a master in all things fun and unique! As Mizucon's Craftsmanship Champion we are excited to welcome them back on the judge's table!

Special Performers


 The Royal Chessmen return for two days of shows this year! Catch them in main events saturday and sunday.

 mizu fireshow

Dangerfun Sideshow returns to perform our annual fireshow!

Event times TBA, check schedule closer to event date.

The Marvelous Mermaid

mermaid chimera

Mell the Mermaid


Ground Zero King


Ground Zero King is a Transgender(FtM), Latinx Variety Entertainer located in Palm Beach, Florida. Dubbed locally as The Cosplay King, and Crowned Mr. Palm Beach Pride 2024 When he performs he brings an explosive wildfire of theatrical proportions to stage. With inclusions of circus arts that captivate audiances from slight of hand to fire & flow. Utilizing his art form to connect with his community by working with local Non-profits, such as Inspire Recovery and Compass. After a performance... this explosive stick of dynamite is sure to make your heart, Ground Zero

 Kahtya Tehnsion


Kahtya Tehnsion, a South Florida Drag Queen who can do it all. She's a Comedian, performer, singer, makeup artist, and wig stylist who travels the country