Cosplay & Talent Contests

Showcase your stuff at Mizucon's Primetime Events!

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

Make waves in the headlining event of Mizucon 2024! With plenty of prizes up for grabs in this head-to-head match watch some of the most talented cosplayers and craftsman in South Florida make a splash as they compete for victory!

This event is open to ALL skill levels and ensures that all levels from
the humblest of novices to the masters of their craft have a chance to
dominate the beach!

The divisions for the Craftsmanship Contest include
Youth, Novice, Journeyman, and Masters

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Cosplay Craze

Cosplay Craze is a Runway style contest with a twist! Cosplayers with any type of costume are welcomed to compete head to head in a battle royale styled event with a little surprise attached! With improv, dramatics, and drama that telenovelas can only dream of rivaling this event is judged by both our judges and audience so strut your stuff to see if you have what it takes!
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Mizucon Idol Fest

Mizucon's Idolfest is the first of its kind for Mizucon where we celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to their art and passions! By signing up you will be brought forth on the main stage to show off what you got! This is NOT a competition by any means, and is PURELY for show. Please do not sign up if you expect a trophy or award. There are many other events for that!