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So it seems you wanna join our ship crew in traveling Mizu's seven seas! Well thanks for stopping by! As Mizucon's volunteer crew you'll be helping support the community, and gain a unique experience of a life time! By filling out the form below you'll just be one step closer to coming on board! 

Mizucon Volunteer Application.

✧ Anyone can be a volunteer! All you need is to be 18 and over and a great attitude, but special skills are always welcomed! Once you've submitted your application, your pirate work form will be looked over by our wonderful Head of Volunteering !  If you have any questions regarding volunteering or your application, please email 

✧ As a volunteer you will receive a FREE pass to Mizucon, receive Mizucon swag, and other awesome cool perks available; However, we always say that the best reward out of this is a unique experience, new skills, and of course the friends you make along the way! Nothing can be done without the power of friendship after all ;) 

✧ Volunteering is one of the best way to provide to your community, and if you'd like to work under the event as a fully-fledged staff member this is your best shot! All positions are done voluntarily and do not receive any type of monetary compensation or benefits, nor does it make you an employee of our parent non-profit corporation. Perks of being a staff member include access to our staff lounge which is always stocked with goodies, paid for hotel rooms, exclusive trips and events, and s more!

✧ If  you have multiple years of experience in convention staffing, please fill out our  staff application ! For staff questions, please email