Join our crew!


Thank you for your interest in joining the Mizucon Volunteer Team [Fanatees!] Apparently we're not supposed to send press gangs around the harbor these days so here's the next best thing: our online google form application!

Mizucon Volunteer Application.

Your application will be reviewed by the Head of Volunteering to evaluate your skills and interest in reference to volunteering. If you have any questions regarding volunteering or your application, please email 

As a volunteer, you are eligible to receive day passes, weekend passes, shirts, swag, and other cool perks as available, but perhaps the best incentive is that you'll likely make new friends who also share your love of cons. 

Volunteering is the best way to becoming a member of our permanent staff! All positions are voluntary and do not receive monetary compensation or benefits, and do not make you an employee of our parent not-for-profit corporation. Perks of staff status include access to a staff lounge stocked with food during events, hotel rooms during our three day convention, exclusive trips and parties, staff only swag, priority panel scheduling, not to mention training and experience in new skills you might not see everywhere.  

If you have multiple years of experience in convention staffing, please fill out a staff application. For staff questions, please email