Mizustars Idol Contest!

We are back! Welcome to our fourth annual Mizustars Idol Competition!
Are you an undiscovered future Idol, or already the talk of your community? Mizucon wants to be your stage this Memorial Day weekend!
Bring your single or group performance to our convention to receive adoration and win prizes.
1. All participants must fill out the Application. Minors must be signed by an adult.
2. Performances are limited to 3 minutes.
3. Media must be submitted to our tech department no later than four hours before showtime. You may submit one image for display on our videowall during your performance. All media files must contain your stage or group name and be in non-proprietary formats. You are responsible for acquiring any required licenses related to your performance.
3. All songs must be anime, video game, movie based, cartoon, vocaloid, kpop or jpop, basically anything you can't really find on a regular karaoke machine is welcome. Hint- Mizucon has a late night karaoke show too if you want less pressure!
4. This show is a PG 13 event so please keep that in mind when making your song selections.
5. Judging will take place at the event.
6. Participants consent to having themselves recorded in any media by anyone for any purpose without compensation or copyright. That's life in the spotlight!
If you have tech requests or other questions please email the event organizer ammcp@mail.com or info@mizucon.com