Mailed Three Day Weekend Pass

Mailed Three Day Weekend Pass

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Mizucon Weekend Pass - Delivered by Mail

We're offering pre-registered weekend passholders the chance to receive your passes by USPS mail. If you choose this option your passes will be mailed in the first week of May. The last date to select this option is April 27. Please make sure your address is entered correctly and your desired badge name is specified. The name on your badge name can be anything reasonably printable: real nickname, cosplay name, company name, social media handle, etc. Letters, numbers, and punctuation only.

This feature enables attendees to bring your mailed badge straight to a badge checkpoint and walk into the con, there is no need to visit on-site registration except to buy our cool swag!

Treat your badge like cash! Your badge will be active when received, Mizucon is not liable for lost/stolen badges or mail theft. If we mail a badge to your address and for any reason you come to the con without it, you will have to repurchase on-site.

This service is only available to domestic attendees who have a valid mailing address and secure mailbox. If, after selecting this option, you later change your mind or address and wish to pick up your badge at normal registration please email and we'll be happy to hold it for you.

Your badge is a three day admission ticket granting access to: Special guest, Dealers, Artist, Main events, Game room, Tabletop room and Panels.

Dates of Price changes 

November 1st - January 31st : $40 

February 11th  to April 27th: $45

April 28th onwards: $50

At-door price: $55

Please note that premium tickets and events are sold separate, unless purchasing the GOLD VIP pass and 1 premium event is included.