Mizu Updates - March 6 , 2024

Hello Mizucon Crew! We're all hoping you're having a swimtastic day underneath the Florida sun, and making big waves in everything you have going for you today! 

We're starting off this website with a BANG with bi weekly updates about everything awesome and cool happening at Mizucon so far! 

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Let's start off with the big one! Mizucon's Annual Beach Bash!  

Beach Bash is a once a year, fun-in-the-sun get together that takes place in Crandon Park, Key Biscayne on Saturday, March 30, 2024! There will be awesome music, free BBQ, awesome photo locations for those beachside cosplays and more! Come join the fun and swim under the famous waves of sunny Miami! 

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No convention is without its illustrious guests! Mizucon has invited some of the best cosplayers in Florida to share their skills and strut their stuff! Judging our Craftsmanship Contest and hosting a variety of panels, our wonderful guest list is filled with knowledge and great vibes that could make any budding or experienced cosplayer at ease with whatever strenuous project they may be pulling through! Lets say hello to our wonderful talent !  

Come Back Home — A transparent WIll Smith showing off shit You're... 

What an awesome lineup don't you think?!! 

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Volunteer Applications are now OPEN! 

Join us as a volunteer for this coming voyage! Volunteers are the backbone of our events and help keep this ship running smooth!

✨As a volunteer you’ll have the chance to have backstage access to our events, take a deep dive into the convention world, gain an experience unique to you, and most importantly…FREE STUFF!! That’s right. FREE!!!

🏖️ As a volunteer you will receive free entry into the event, awesome Mizu merch swag, food, and for the truly dedicated I think I see some bigger prizes on the horizons!!

Interested? Be sure to check out our website under “Join Our Crew” and fill out the form!!! We’d love to have you on our team!! You can also click HERE
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Got something to share? Don't forget to sign up for a panelist spot !!!


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Want to join in on the famous scavenger hunt fun? Well the clock is ticking on these ribbons! Purchase your order today and be apart of something great!

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Wow! Looks like those are all the updates we have for this week! Be sure to keep watch on our social media and more for awesome updates, things to do, and so much more!