Artist Alley registration is now open.

Artist Alley registration for 2015 Mizucon is now open.
You can find the registration link at the bottom of the Artist Alley page here.

Royal Chessman coming at you!

The Royal Chessman are returning for Mizucon 2015!
Watch as the amazing fights between characters are shown in this fantastic show!

3000 Brigade back for Mizucon 2015!

That's right congoers!
3K Brigade is coming back for 2015 Mizucon.
Sit back and enjoy this amazing cosplay event!

Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine confirmed for Mizucon 2015

You read that right.
Johnny Yong Bosch and the band Eyeshine are confirmed for Mizucon 2015.
Meet and greet Johnny and then stay around to hear the band Eyeshine rock out the convention.

Registration for Dealers/Artists

Registration for dealers room and artist alley will be open on December 1st.

No Ordinary Balloon Man Returns for Mizucon 2015

Yes, you read the title right, Bruce Carr a.k.a. No Ordinary Balloon Man will be returning for Mizucon 2015.
He had a great time during Mizucon 2014 that he will come back to create insane balloon creations for 2015!

Winner of the Large Llama

Will the winner of ticket number 4003560 please contact us, you have won a Large Llama from our 2014 raffle.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone that came to Mizucon 2014!
We hope that you will join us next year which will be on Oct. 2nd to Oct. 4th 2015.

Mizucon T-Shirt Design

Here's the design for the 2014 Mizucon T-Shirt.

Cosplay Rules

Rules for the cosplay contest can be found here.
Cosplay skits will be held separately on Sunday.