Florida Invitational Costume Contest 2014

The Top Two winners of Mizucon’s Costume contest and the Top two winners of Shadocon’s Costume contest will win free tickets to compete against last years, Top Two Costume Contest winners from Chibi Pa: Infinity.
The winner will go home with $500 cash in their pockets. The losers will get to say they did their best.
More information can be found here: http://chibipa.com/florida-invitational-costume-contest/

September Hotel Special

Reserve a room for 2 Nights get 2 free VIP 3 day passes reimbursed or $50 voucher in dealers room from anime pavilion.

No Ordinary Balloon Man is coming to Mizucon 2014!

He will be sculpting balloon creations throughout the weekend. See some of his awesome creations on his web page.

Yu Gi Oh Tournament

On Saturday during the convention at 4pm, we are holding a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament for a box of Duelist Alliance (or more depending on the turn out) in the tabletop room. Minimum players is 8. Entry is $10. We will also have secondary prizes. This tournament will be a konami official tournament.

Magic the Gathering Tournament

On Sunday during the convention at 11 am, we are holding a magic the gathering MTG sealed deck tourney for the 2014 SDCC Exclusive planeswalker set with garuk axe (Valued $350 - $450). Minimum players is 17. Entry is $39 and for $6 more you can also have a pass for the rest of the con. We will also have secondary prizes.
All players will get 6 boosters and land. Players will build their deck and play in a swiss format. WOTC Tournament rules will be in effect.

Design Manami's Gala Outfit

Manami's been hard at work prepping for the gala and there is still so much to do!
She's decided to leave it up to you guys to design a special outfit for her to wear, think you have what it takes?

Submit your designs to Moe at monyka.kearsley@gmail.com!
Please include the following: Full name and either a picture or description of the outfit.
It's that easy!

Artist Alley Registration is now open!

Hello everyone! Artist alley registration is now open!
Let's see some great artists in mizucon 2014!
Registration can be found at the bottom of the artist alley page here.

Panel Registration is now open.

Hello everyone!
Panel registration for Mizucon 2014 is now open!
Please be sure to have your submission in for a panel or event by Aug 1st.
You can find the registration form under Programming in the menu or click here.

Hotel/Convention Center

Hotel Information

Mizucon is proud to announce our official hotel for 2014! We will be located at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center. Room rates will vary depending on amount of reservations made, such as $129 for two guests, $134 for three guests, and $139 for four guests.

Please mention "Mizucon" to take advantage of these deals.

For those who make reservations in the month of September to the day of the con, they will receive two half price badges per hotel night.

Mizucon Dates and Hotel Announced

Hello everyone, This years Mizucon is taking place at the lovely DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center between the dates of October 3rd-5th of 2014, please visit our Location page for more information.