Costume Contest/Masquerade Registration

Please read all rules and regulations which are outlined below before submitting your form.

General Contest Rules:
-All costumes must adhere to Mizucon’s PG-13 family friendly environment. Any costume which is deemed inappropriate can be denied entry to the contest and immediate disqualification.

-All weapons must be peace bonded, no weapons of any type of steel are allowed, and no weapons with moving parts. More on this policy can be found here:

-All contestants must have a valid Mizucon 2021 badge at the time of judging in order to qualify to enter the contests, failure to have a badge will result in denial of your contest entry.

-Any contestant under the age of 18 must have a Parent Permission Form to present at the time of judging, this form can be emailed ahead of time in case the parent is not attending the event. Any contestant under the age of 12 will be placed in the Youth Division.

-Contest Sign Up is on a first come first serve basis with time slots being assigned for judging

-Entries cannot qualify if they have won an award higher than a Judge’s Award at any other event. Entering with a costume which has previously won will result in automatic disqualification.

-For the craftsmanship contest, commissioned costumes are only allowed if the creator is present. Entering in a costume that a contestant claims to have made but was commissioned will result in automatic disqualification. Be honest!

Register for the costume contest Here

Mizucon’s Vacation Wear Contest

Throw on your sunglasses, swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts, and leis for this fun summer themed walk on cosplay contest! Strut your stuff as your favorite character in their vacation best. This contest is open to both store bought and handmade costumes, and it’s all about having fun!

Register Here