Cloud Lounge

Cloud Lounge

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Welcome to the C l o u d Lounge

The chillest, illest spot

need a late night pit stop,

away from con crowds,

come puff some clouds,

underneath the stars and moon,

jam session with some tunes,

with your best bud,

behind Aki's club.


☆ PREMIUM EVENT ☆ ☆ 21+ Only w con badge ☆

♤ Entry tickets $25 per person ♤ Cash/credit card

♤ All You Can Smoke ♤

1 hookah hose per 2 people 4 people per table max

◇ Additional Details ◇

Only those over 21 will be allowed into the Lounge.

We will ID EVERY person at the door. This is a HIDDEN Speakeasy hookah Lounge that is OUTSIDE but requires you to walk through 🚶‍♂️Aki's Clubhouse.

Sunday September 5th at 10pm.

This is a qualifying premium event for VIP Gold+ pass-holders, and as such can be your event choice. Want a free pass to this? Upgrade to Gold!