Panel Registration

Host a panel at Mizucon!

Knowledgeable about a subject and want everyone in the world to know about it?
Want to host a gameshow or event?
This is the place to apply!

  • Panel applications will be reviewed by Mizucon and may be accepted or denied for any reason.
    You will be notified by the email provided for your submission in regards to approval, wait list, etc.
  • Each panel room will be equipped with a video display, HDMI cable, and a microphone. If you need special equipment beyond these items, please request it on the application.
  • Panel times and location may change, please check the schedule with adequate time for contingency planning.
  • We will contact you if such changes occur at the contact info provided on your application.
  • All panelists are expected to behave professionally and uphold the convention and attendee rules at all times. This also includes outside of panels.
  • Please keep in mind that you are representing Mizucon and as such shall maintain a professional manner at all times.
  • Please return your room to it’s starting condition when finished with your panel.

Mizucon accepts no responsibility for the content of panels hosted by its attendees, nor does it extend any form of legal protection to panelists.

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