See our exhibitors!

We have searched all the seven seas to find the finest artists and merchants available! Note that booth locations are subject to change.

Vendors listed by booth number:

D1 The Pastel Fix

D2 Snacky Nom Noms

D3 Gaijin Taiyaki

D4 TeaRamiisu

D5 Poko Collectibles

D6 Kawaii Plushies Plus

D7 Mom and Hop's Anime Shop

D8 Kawaii Universe

D9 Karma Bath Company

D10 SpringsInk

D11 Phenomenal 3D Prints

D12-13 BTL Collectibles

D14 The Crafty Gamer

D15 LSD Collections

D16 Vyrus Graphics

D17 Phenomenal 3D Prints

D18 Te Tyme

D19 Purplette Pixiie

D20 AnimeRx

D21 Moonlit Beading

D22 Gomez Tradez

D23 Anthony Wang Shoes

D24 Whimsy Kei

D25 Otherworld Store

D26 V1Tech

D27 Sakuratopia Anime

D28 Minty Magic


D30-31 Tattoo Alley- Glitterpoops Studios

D32 Politecorp.Inc

D33 The Heart Container Cafe

D34 Rena's Collectibles

D35 Coco Sugar Crafts

D36-37 Shane Sauer Art

D38 The Geeky Robots


Premium Artists (Inside Exhibition Hall)


P2 Pastelprizm/Mr Eagleman

P3 All Things Art & Anime

P4 Mocha Co.

P5 Camilicy

P6 Moon Mecha

P7 Sherbertday

P8 Kelsey Chen

P9 UT0P1-A


Artist Alley Artists (In Ballroom Foyer)

A1 Art of Mann

A2 MoopahCreations

A3 Conjunx Endurae

A4 Zippyidk

A5 MarinaXStudios

A6 Ghoul Space Shop

A7 Sumooli

A8 Black Nebula Crafts

A9 Moon Drop Press

A10 BloopysMonstrosities

A11 Smoket Art / Big Hat Witch Crafts

A12 TD Bent

A13 Shea Parfait

A14 Painted Denim Princess

A15 Art by Quinton

A16 Amellien

A17 nyx_echo_

A19 Miss Freya's Apothecary

A20 Hpaintcustoms

A21 Kourindou Curios

A22 Mahou Dreams


A24 Miniemushroom

A25 melmaos

A26 Katanori_designs

A27 DeepCut Lasers

A28 De Jour