Larp – Mizuka’s Arrival

Come to Sunny Himi Aiho

Himi Aiho is the perfect getaway location for every group and hobby!

  • Luxuriate on our pristine beaches or in the restorative waters of our natural hot springs!
  • Embrace your adventurous side by taking a hike through our lush jungles or rock climbing in the Tōchaku salt flats!
  • Explore Himi Aiho’s vibrant history and culture, including an intact temple dating back to the 1400’s!
  • Search for the legendary Scarlet Beast, known locally as the Himi Mimi, and claim the $10,000.00 bounty!

In addition to everything above, 2020 is a very special year. Every 11 years the island’s goddess, Mizuka, visits Himi Aiho in an event known as Mizuka’s Arrival, creating a massive geyser at the Tōchaku Salt Flats that turn it into a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Be sure to book your tickets now and see it for yourself!*

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*Due to high demand, island tradition dictates that only those who bring the best tribute to Mizuka will be able to witness Mizuka’s Arrival. Neither the Travel Board of Himi Aiho nor the Himi Aihan government may be held liable for any inability to participate in this event.