Wizard and The Bruiser

Mizucon is thrilled to announce our first two guest: Holden Mcneel and Jake Young of the Wizard and The Bruiser podcast!

On their podcast Holden McNeely and Jake Young are your guides on a psychotropic journey into the secret origins of nerd culture. Fill your ears with education each week as the hosts tackle subjects from the worlds of comic books, video games, anime and film. Untold stories, bizarre facts and crazed deconstructions will fly at you at dangerous speeds. Make no mistake, this IS the sweatiest podcast in human history.



Steve Bennett

Steve has been prowling around conventions since 1994, but he started in the industry long before that. When he was just a kid living in Japan, he landed a part time job working with Noburu Furusei (New Dominion Tank Police, Lupin III, etc.) at Studio Aoehyma in Tokyo. He worked on series like Urusei Yatsura and Yamamoto, before  moving back to the States.

As an adult, Steve worked with Studio Ironcat, a manga-publication company, from 1997 to 2004 and worked on several web comics, including The Angel of St. Thomas and Life with Steve. He’s attended a zillion conventions teaching cel painting classes
and drawing on anything that moves. Steve has also spoken at institutions such as the Iowa Museum of Art, the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and Loyola University.

After spending the last seven years living in Japan, Steve and his wife Nikki moved to the Seattle area. He’s busy with several projects: designing covers for Nikki’s publication company, Firedrake Books, working on commissions, and heading to anime cons whenever he gets the chance. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Mizucon!


Cafe Kira Hoshi – Maid and Butler Cafe

Welcome to Cafe Kira Hoshi! We are a maid and butler cafe that strives to bring the cute atmosphere of a Japanese maid cafe to conventions all over Florida. At Cafe Kira Hoshi, we aim to provide guests with a unique experience that will allow them to take a break from busyness of the con floor and relax in a themed environment. At events, we serve yummy snacks with hand drawn chocolate syrup art, topped off with a “Moe Moe Kyun” spell to make it more delicious! Our maids and butlers will also perform Japanese style dances, play interactive games with you, and most importantly, do their best to make sure you’re having a great time!



Mizucon Stars

MizuStars is our first annual Idol competition! This is an Idol style competition specifically for your favorite Anime openings, video game soundtracks and movie songs. no more singing in the shower bring your best to the stage for a chance to win the MizuStar awards! all songs must be Anime, video Game or movie based and maximum of 5 minutes




Cosplay Guests


C80sThingamabobs, or just C80 for short hails from the magical mitten state in the frigid, sometimes ridiculously hot north. A well known wig stylist in the party princess community around the world, C80 is also a competitive cosplayer with multiple awards under her belt! She was honored to have been selected to represent the United States in 2018 on an international cosplay stage in the Netherlands, and she hasn’t slowed down! Between commission work and daily life, she is constantly dreaming up her next competition cosplay. Pushing herself to improve on both her craftsmanship and stage presence! C80 truly enjoys chatting with fellow cosplayers about their craft and their fandoms, especially if they fall within the realm of Disney 😉 




Skyward Key

Skyward Key, also known as Sky, is a local Floridian Cosplayer from the ridiculous County of Dade. They are mostly known for their attention to detail in their cosplays, whether it’s unorthodox techniques, unconventional materials, or uncommon props, there’s always something in the details that is undoubtedly Sky. They may not be constantly working on a new cosplay, but they constantly strive to push their limits and improve their craft – whether it be sewing, foamsmithing, embroidery, knitting, wig-styling, you name it – Sky always loves to learn new skills, tips and techniques to build their repertoire. Whether the conversation topic is purely technical or about the love of a character, Sky is always up to talking to fellow fans and cosplayers. Facebook: @skyward_key Lio Fotia Photographer/Edit: @Kev_Mija_Photography (Instagram)

Sora Photographer: @Saya Loura Prompto Photographer: @ub.mua (instagram)