Samurai Dan and Jillian


Shaken not Stirred Burlesque

Known for their signature James Bond opening number, Shaken not Stirred Burlesque is Tallahassee’s premier burlesque troupe. Shaken not Stirred Burlesque features vocal and dance numbers from a variety of decades and genres in addition to classic sideshow acts and Nerdlesque numbers. They have performed in Tallahassee venues such as Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack, The Wilbury, Garages on Gaines among others as well as at conventions, events and establishments throughout the Florida-Georgia region. Shaken care of business since 2014, Shaken not Stirred Burlesque is a tantalizingly immersive experience that leaves audiences thirsty for more.

Cafe Kira Hoshi – Maid and Butler Cafe

Welcome to Cafe Kira Hoshi! We are a maid and butler cafe that strives to bring the cute atmosphere of a Japanese maid cafe to conventions all over Florida. At Cafe Kira Hoshi, we aim to provide guests with a unique experience that will allow them to take a break from busyness of the con floor and relax in a themed environment. At events, we serve yummy snacks with hand drawn chocolate syrup art, topped off with a “Moe Moe Kyun” spell to make it more delicious! Our maids and butlers will also perform Japanese style dances, play interactive games with you, and most importantly, do their best to make sure you’re having a great time!



Aaron Pabon

Aaron Pabon is not only is he a comedian, Convention Personality, Producer, and Pop-Culturist. He is, above all else, a geek.
For 12 years, Aaron has been a stand-up comedian, performing at over 200 convention/events in 20 states.
Aaron’s jokes include current events in geek pop-culture, his crazy experiences at conventions, his adventures in Japan, and his personal experiences being a geek.
Currently: He is in production of a new podcast called “Con-Stories” where he and others talk about their experiences in the convention world.
He is also the creator of Con-Survival Guide; a web series in development, devoted to teaching con-goers and organizers how to help survive, run, and organize conventions.

Mizucon Stars