B3@Tz P3r M!zU!

Guest Djs

OMNICIDE has been a part of the con community since 2006, working security, volunteering, and helping to run things where needed. As a DJ, they’ve been doing most of their work at conventions with a blend of different genres every time, always mixed into into an obscure flow fast beats that get people moving. Mizucon is ready for him and his crew to take the main stage to bring forth an amazing show.





A DJ and congoer for over 10 years, DJ Rottweilerz has brought his love and passion for music to anime conventions and clubs all around the South Florida area. From cons like Anime Iwai to clubs like The Hangar, his love and passion knows no bounds, not only for the music, but the people he has met along the way. His flexibility with playing multiple genres has allowed him to touch many people with his music. With releases under the Australian hardcore label Scarred Digital, as well as upcoming performances at Mizucon and Metrocon, he hopes to continue to spread his love of music with many people. He believes that it’s the music that unites us all.


Oh yeah!! Whaddup world? I’m DJ KaRu! For those who don’t know anything about me, let me quickly introduce myself. I am a UK Hardcore DJ, and have been DJing for a little over two years. I love to drop nothing but bangers and slammers. Upfront and in your face is how I behave behind the decks. I love energy and I love feeding it to all the ravers during my sets. All but good fun, bangeriffic music and interesting little surprises, maybe a cheeky remix here and there. Hope to see you all at the rave! Have fun and see you all soon.


The Digital Insomniac

From the far off funky future of Miami Florida, enters the DJ without sleep… The Digital Insomniac. Forged in the cyberpunk future of Florida’s post-apocalyptic wonderland, TDI blasts beats that will drop your bass to levels never seen outside of an 80’s neon-lazer montage. TDI’s musical range expands beyond all dimensions, and leaves you looking into the present for signs of the futuristic past…

DJ Arsinal

Music is more than a tool for DJ Arsinal; music is the weapon of choice against the monotony of the mainstream. Arsinal is a heavy hitter, blasting tracks beyond the limits of what digital music is capable of. Step beyond the conventional, and arm yourself with the unique: this is your Arsinal