Costume Contest/Masquerade

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Thank you for your interest in participating in Mizucon’s 2017 Masquerade/Costume Contest. Sign-ups can be done before the convention using the form below. After this time frame sign-ups will be done at the cosplay registration desk on Friday ____ from 12pm until 8pm and on Saturday in front of the pre-judging room from 10am-2pm, after 1:30pm Saturday we will no longer be accepting any more entries. Any questions can be directed to

General Rules:

  • All costumes and skits must adhere to Mizucon’s PG-13 family friendly environment, any costume/skit which is deemed inappropriate can be denied entry to the contest and immediate disqualification.
  • All weapons must be peace bonded, no weapons of any type of steel are allowed, and no weapons with moving parts. More on this policy can be found here:
  • All contestants must have a valid Mizucon 2017 badge at the time of judging in order to qualify to enter the contests, failure to have a badge will result in denial to the contest.
  • Any contestant under the age of 18 must have a parent sign their sign up form at the convention. If your parent/guardian will not be attending the convention please e-mail us for a release form which they can sign ahead of time and you must bring with you to the convention. Any contestant under the age of 12 will be placed in the Youth Division and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all phases of the contest.
  • Contest Sign Up is on a first come first serve basis with time slots being assigned for judging.
  • Entries cannot qualify if they have won an award higher than a Judge’s Award at any other event. Entering with a costume which has previously won will result in automatic disqualification.

Masquerade/Cosplay Skit Rules:

  • Skits are based on performance not costume craftsmanship, if you wish to enter your costume in both categories please state so at time of signup. Entering both does not guarantee winning a prize and you may only win one prize in either category.
  • Skits cannot be longer than 3 minutes in length. Any music for the skit must be presented during sign up or judging so that it can be given to audio
  • Music must be presented on a flash drive or a CD. Items will be returned at the end of the event per request
  • Skits which are fighting based must be pre-approved to avoid injury on stage
  • Skits must adhere to PG-13, any skit which violates these rules will be automatically qualified and possibly pulled off stage.
  • You must be present at all stages of the competition to win an award. Sign up, judging, and onstage presentation.
  • No usage of material which can hinder the safety of other contestants including but not limited to usage of fake blood, feathers, flower petals, beads, water, etc.

Costume/Craftsmanship Rules:

  • No Commissioned Costumes: Awards are given to those who create over 75% of the cosplay; the exception to the 25% rule includes wigs (if the wig has special styling this cannot be commissioned), shoes, and other small items. No major components of your cosplay such as garments, weapons, or props can be bought. If a friend or family member assisted with the construction of the cosplay it must be stated during judging.
  • Entrants can have a model for their creation however the creator must be present at the time of judging to be questioned and would be the one to receive the award if the costume wins anything.
  • To qualify for Best in Show you must present printed reference images and progress pictures for the judges. Reference images and progress pictures can be returned at the end of the event upon request.
  • You must be present at all stages of the competition to win an award. Sign up, pre-judging, and onstage presentation
  • Please be prepared for your garments to be inspected by a judge which includes but is not limited to looking at seams under the garment, viewing details up close, and touching of your costume/props.


        The following categories are an outline of what possible titles can be won; categories can be changed or removed at the discretion of the judges if there is no contestants that fit a particular category.

Costume Contest Categories
Best In Show
Best Group
Best Technical (Attention to Detail)
Best Novice
Best Individual
Best Prop
Judges Awards
Best Youth Division (Ages 12 and Under)
Masquerade Categories
Best Skit
“They Really Like Me” Fan Favorite

All Our 2015 Costume/Cosplay Winners Can Be Seen Here

2015 Best in Show: Howl and Sophie

by Technically Toki as Howl and Kairie Cosplay as Sophie