Hallway Costume Contest

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MizuCon Hallway Costume Contest

Too shy to get up on stage and show off your cosplay but still want to compete? Mizucon’s Hallway Contest is the place for you! This year Mizucon attendees can stop by the Masquerade/Costume sign up table to participate. This contest is open to all attendees whether it’s a bought or handmade cosplay.

The process is simple:
-You sign up for the Hallway Contest at the table
-We take a picture of you and put it up on our board of contestants for the day
-Other attendees get to vote on their favorites
-At the end of the day at 8pm we tally the votes and the winner is posted
-The winner comes by for their prize and Hallway Contest Certificate

Simple and fun for all who want to join!
Any questions can be sent to Cosplay@Mizucon.com