Cosplay Guest StarlightDarling Cosplay

Welcome our first cosplay guest StarlightDarling Cosplay!

StarlightDarling is Central Florida-based cosplayer with a penchant for Type-Moon girls. She has experience on both side of the convention floor from winning numerous craftsmanship and performance awards to hosting fandom and cosplay panels and judging contests. She is a completely self-taught seamstress and craftsman that firmly believes cosplay is an art form and a true expression of love. She constantly works to grow wig styling skills, makeup artistry, and sewing/crafting skills. She believes there is always room for improvement and is never satisfied until the character has been faithfully portrayed.

Behind every cosplay is the desire to evoke emotion from the audience. From pure joy and laughter to tears of sadness and horrified exclamations of “oh no,” she aims to bring on all the feels.

She has a passion for details, from playing with interesting fabrics to adding unexpected sparkles. While crisp tailoring and lavish details are hallmarks of her work, she appreciates a good meme and can’t resist the opportunity to be completely silly