Sponsors and Partners

Mizucon would not have happened without these wonderful sponsors:

Diamond lifetime member
(one per year)
Tristan Tucker Mizucon 2013
Angelina Ayers Mizucon 2014

Other Mizucon Sponsors
Michael Boodee Mizucon 2013
Marguerite Campola Mizucon 2013
Wendy Crawford Mizucon 2013
Soraya Echevarria Mizucon 2013
Kimberly Ethridge Mizucon 2013
William Howlat Mizucon 2013
Wanda Joiner Mizucon 2013
Sabrina Julmice Mizucon 2013
Giovanni Santos Mizucon 2013
Margaret Waddell Mizucon 2013

Sponsors and Partners

Anime Pavilion
Vis Media
NIS America
Bowen Sword



Autographs session hosted by Mizucon and autographs from the guest are included with your membership. Remember 1-2 items depending on time constraints.

A big Thank You to these sponsors and also to Alpha Printing & Production , for their support. Alpha Printing & Production can be reached at 305.606.7817 for all of your printing needs.