Please review our policies to ensure a safe and fully enjoyable experience is had by all.

Registration Policies

  • Members agree to provide complete and accurate registration information. MizuCon is not responsible if a member cannot be contacted with the information provided.
  • Badges and membership may not be resold. Each member must retain possession of his or her own badge for the duration of the convention and may not loan or give the badge to anyone else except as directed by MizuCon staff.
  • No replacement will be provided for lost badges; a new membership must be purchased at the full rate. Damaged badges may be replaced at the discretion of Registration.
  • MizuCon reserves the right to censor or refuse badge names that may be considered obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate. Such determination will be made at the sole discretion of MizuCon staff.
  • The only valid registration rates are those posted on the registration website. No discounts will be given except as listed there.
  • Badges are only available for pickup during listed registration hours, and only at the convention. Badges will not be mailed. No badges of any sort will be issued other than during the listed registration hours.
  • Valid photo ID is required for pre-registration badge pickup. Minors without ID may pick up their badges with the accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian who has a valid photo ID. Government issued photo IDs are not required for 18+ attendees to pick up badges but are still required for 18+ events.
  • Child members (under age 13 at time of the convention) must be registered at the same time as a paying 18+ adult member, who must accompany them at the time of badge pickup. Each member must pick up his/her own badge if they have pre-registered. Party leaders are not allowed to pick up badges for members of their party.
  • Any attempt to compromise the security of the registration process or gain unauthorized access to member data will result in loss of access to the registration system, loss of MizuCon registration without refund, and possible legal action.
  • These policies may be modified at any time, as deemed necessary by MizuCon.

Weapons & Prop Policies

The following weapons/props are NOT allowed at MizuCon


  • Realistic looking prop weapons, such as prop guns. Blasters/weapons that do not obviously look like real guns are allowed, but this will be on a case-by-case basis. Please use your best judgement.
  • Any form of Live Steel not able to be sheathed is NOT allowed. This represents swords, knives, bayonets, shuriken, star knives, and any other object made of metal that could hold an edge, regardless of whether it is sharp. If sheathed steel weapons are found not peace-bonded (secured with ziptie) MizuCon security will escort you to Registration to be peace-bonded.
  • Other Steel type weapons/items. (This represents items like a monkey wrench, a pipe, etc)
  • Any form of firearm with moving parts. (This includes air soft guns, pellet guns, water guns, BB guns, dart guns, blow guns, crossbows, water pistols.
  • No explosives of any kind. No exceptions.
  • Nunchaku are not allowed.
  • NOTE: Putting the weapon away in your bag when reminded of our weapon policies at registration will not be allowed. It must be removed from the convention area immediately or it will be taken by Security staff and held in the Security Office until a time when you can remove it from the convention area.

The following weapons/props ARE allowed at Mizu-Con:

  • Fake or prop weaponry. These can be made of tissue paper, plaster of Paris, cardboard, plastic swords, wood, etc. as long as they pose no danger to you and other convention attendees. (No trailing wires, items that could trip yourself and others, etc)
  • Staves, bo sticks, shinai, boken, and other wooden swords and staffs.

Weapons Conduct

  • Any misuse of a weapon/prop (swinging it around in a public area, causing a hazard to others) will result in Security Staff requiring you to remove the weapon/prop from the convention area.
  • If a weapon/prop that does not meet acceptable convention policy is purchased in the dealers room, it must be boxed and remove from the convention area immediately. Please take it to your car or your hotel room.
  • If you are unsure if your weapon/prop is allowed, please bring it to the Security Office for approval.
  • The Security Staff will deal with repeat offenders accordingly, up to and including possible ejection from the convention without a refund. The appropriate authorities will be contacted for more severe infractions.

All decisions made by MizuCon and its Security Staff are final. If You have a question about your weapon/prop following the guidelines, feel free to email info@mizucon.com.