Thank you for your interest the events for 2015 Mizucon. We will have a list of events up as soon as possible.

3000 Brigade 10th Show

The 3000 Brigade, also known as the 3KB, is a cosplay performing troupe unlike any other. They have performed at multiple conventions, and are happy to be performing at Mizucon. The show consists of some of your favorite video game characters aiming to misbehave! This is a multimedia event that contains loud music, sexy costumes, random acts of violence, and all that other good stuff your parents warned you about. Every show is unique, and just like the best video games it’s rated M for mature. Don’t miss this amazing cosplay event! It’s “Game On Smash Brothers.”

To catch up on all the past 3KB shows check out the links below so you can be in on all the inside jokes.

Noise Complaint Show

Noise Complaint presents a live Anime and Video Game Cosplay Tap Dance show! Noise Complaint is a group of professional tap dancers who perform full sets of choreographed dances as characters from Fairy Tail, Final Fantasy, Nintendo and more. NoiseComplaint’s dances are choreographed using music that is either directly taken from or inspired by currently trending or favorite Anime and Video Games. Their show brings to life epic battles and famed alliances on the stage and combines it with entertaining choreography and catchy rhythms! This high energy cosplay dance show will have you both glued to your seat and dying to get up and dance at the same time.


The Royal Chessmen Good vs. Evil Fight Show

The Royal Chessmen is an acting troupe who portrays the life of another time through character interaction, staged combat, and living chess games. From King Arthur’s Round Table, to King Henry’s wives, to Blackbeard’s pirate ship, we span the ages.

Contact the Royal Chessmen at
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