3000 Brigade back for Mizucon 2015!

That’s right congoers!
3K Brigade is coming back for 2015 Mizucon.
Sit back and enjoy this amazing cosplay event!

The 3000 Brigade, also known as the 3KB, is a cosplay performing troupe unlike any other. They have performed at multiple conventions, and are happy to be performing at Mizucon. The show consists of some of your favorite video game characters aiming to misbehave! This is a multimedia event that contains loud music, sexy costumes, random acts of violence, and all that other good stuff your parents warned you about. Every show is unique, and just like the best video games it’s rated M for mature. Don’t miss this amazing cosplay event! It’s “Game On Smash Brothers.”

To catch up on all the past 3KB shows check out the links below so you can be in on all the inside jokes.